Color changes

One thing we love about the Pineywoods are their different colors and patterns.  The amazing thing we have learned over the past 7 months is just how much their colors can change from when they are born.  Take a look at the two pics below, both are of the same calf – Susan.  Several cattle folk have told us that they do not register their cows with the PCRBA until they are at least 1 year old.  Now, we understand why.  Another calf has changed color, Baby Girl, but we do not have any before pics.  Perhaps the color change is only with black and brown colors, since that was the case with both Susan and Baby Girl.  Susan’s full name is Black-Eyed Susan because she had big black circles around her eyes when she was born.  Little did we know that the black would take over her whole body.  Regardless, she is a beautiful, fascinating animal.

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