Pineywoods cattle date back to the 1500’s and are descendants of the cattle brought to this country by Spanish colonists. Over the centuries, they have adapted to the climate of the Longleaf Pine forest of the American southeast. They have gradually developed into a breed of cattle that is disease resistant, able to withstand the hot humid climate typical of this part of the country, and are able to thrive off the vegetation found in the pine woods forest and grasslands of the American southeast.

Several cattlemen I have spoken with have said that Pineywoods cows require no help with birthing. Pineywoods cattle come in a variety of color patterns and most have horns. They are an endangered heritage breed and considered threatened by the Livestock Conservancy.  For more information on Pineywoods cattle, please visit The Livestock Conservancy or the Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association.)
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